Log Skidding Arch.

Our log skidding Arch is one of our most popular items with our country folk.  They love that they can save time by dragging wood thru their woods without damaging their machine and their woods at the same time.  Why not drag all your wood to one spot where it’s flat and open? Why not drag your wood with our arch and keep most of it out of the Mud?   We don’t know about you but very seldom are the woods flat and dry.  That’s why for only $499 this log arch will pay for its self in no time.  Saves on the ankles, chainsaw chains, your back, your machine, 

This Log arch is designed to self lift the front of the log off the ground to help with ease of pull.  Keeps the log out of the mud, snagging on roots and trees, forces the log to follow the unit without rolling around. 

1,000 lb log. We are demonstrating how our Log Arch changes the direction of pull on the log allowing easier pull. Demonstrating with a Youth 150cc kids ATV, King quad 700 4x4
$499, comes with 10' 3/8 chain including slip hook. One grab including bearings. 2" receiver. Contact us today 716-492-2621